Playing Stained First Time?

Select Your Combat Levels
If you are playing stained first time you might find it difficult to hit and kill the enemies. So it is recommended that you start playing the game in normal mode. In normal mode if you hit the enemy anywhere he will receive the damage and die easily. Once you are comfortable with controls and combat then try switching to medium or difficult mode. In Medium/Difficult mode you have to hit the monster at the weak point. Weak point are indicated by a glowing spot which disappear after first hit. If and only if you hit the weak spot the enemies will get hurt. Also in these higher combat level health regeneration speed is less compared to the normal mode.

Adjust the Control : Make your self comfortable with controls by changing the default keys to your favourite combinations.

Here are few important moves with their control combination

  • air attack (jump and attack)
  • sprint jump (sprint and jump and move forward button)
  • wall slide (Jump and attack) when near to the wall sliding area

Stained also supports xbox gamepad, it is recommended that you adjust your control to attain some level of comfort with character movement and combat. Gamepad control is limited and is not supported in tangram editor (the inventory) and menu screens.

How to change controls
Open the control.cfg file and edit the controls suppose you want to use "Z" for attack and "S" for sprint
Before :

"Sprint": "KC_LShift",

After changing:

"Sprint": "KC_S",

You can edit the controls.cfg file while game is running. Just go back to main menu and new controls will take effect.

Graphics Setting : All levels in stained runs at 60 FPS except the first levels. Changing the graphics level to low will improve the fps in that room upto 45. Lowering Graphics level will disable the player shadow and window shadows. Turning off the bloom will also help to improve the fps a little bit.

Instructions: Where ever required game prints the messages at the bottom pay attention to it. We believe if you think a little bit every puzzle in stained in easy.

So start with normal mode get comfortable with controls and then explore the higher combat level.